16 thoughts on “Dropout – Episode 1 – 2

    1. The manga is divided in 3 sections. But the hentai creators used up whole of the content in just two episodes.So by now the hentai is completed.There is no mention of watarai senpai in manga.

  1. I’m almost wondering how this would work out for the country as a whole. They pretty much just turned the country into a breeding ground.

    1. that one is for another one
      Rape Gohouka

      where u pretty much stick it anywhere anytime no liability.
      all u gotta do is just keep banging holes, even if they do get preggo, u get child support and the knocked up ones are still very horny too

  2. Ok while I know there’s usually zero logic in hentai they could at least explain what happens to the male dropouts XD

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