12 thoughts on “Kanojo ga mimai ni konai wake episode 1 – 3

  1. So. Through these episodes, this girl just finds new ways to ways to get raped? Also, i used to feel bad watching that first episode, but now I love it. (Not sure what that means.)

  2. Here she is fucking with guys and gets angry at her boyfriend for fucking a hot milf wow just wow talk about selfishness now I feel sorry for the guy you got what you deserved bitch

    1. “Fucking with guys”?
      You dont get the Story do you? She is raped and drugged through the whole series. She is not doing it cause she wants it, she is forced.
      While he is fucking around cause he gets offers and does not say no.

      He destroyed her life, by forcing her to get into those situations.

  3. Funny how some People here don’t get the plot, like “Ecchi”. It’s not like she is fucked by those guys cause she wants it… she is raped…

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