Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake Episode 1 – 2

Episode 1


Episode 2


Update: Episode 2 and english subtitles.

5 thoughts on “Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake Episode 1 – 2

  1. This ends like that wowwwowww fucking Cuck
    No comments which one of them is more likely to be killed the wife or the husband gooddd Why they Like to make a stupid guy wowww but great hentai in other matters …

    1. I’ve seen way worse guys in hentai, like ones where the wife or gf gets fucked in front of him and the guys who did it happen to be his family who bully him and he’s so damn pathetic and she ends up becoming their sex whore, and that’s all she does all day everyday now, while the dumbass man can’t do shit.
      So I’ll take this anyway over something like that, I did want him to at least have sex with her himself, though he could have done that.

  2. Man that was deep, this was definitely both for the sex and story once you come you can finish the rest and cause it makes you want to see how it all ends.
    And I was hoping he’d find some courage to basically reveal knows.
    And it didn’t disappoint wanna those hentai that leave you speechless in the end.
    It’s kinda sad but went out with a bang, although did kinda want the husband to at least had sex with her so she wouldn’t know the difference with the blindfold on would have added a little more drama to it.
    Nonetheless it was good.

    1. Ngl I was thinking the exact same thing. Came for a nut but I had to know how it ended. It almost doesn’t need a part three.

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