4 thoughts on “Real Eroge Situation! Episode 1 – 2

  1. I can’t help but laugh, it may be stock music.. but its none the less humorous, the first song in the background of the first episode is from a childhood PC game, the Halloween level in a time traveling montage of levels, if interested its Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius VS. Jimmy Negatron…. I SHIT YOU NOT XD

  2. Just funny that the music at the beginning of the first episode, is from a childhood PC game from a Halloween themed time traveling level. If you wanna know what it is

    Its Jimmy Neutron VS Jimmy Negatron, I’m not joking XD

    1. Oh my bad, most of the music is… this is fucking strange lol

      And please take no offense to me not sharing a name or email, good reasons why ^^;

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