Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Episode 1 - 5

Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Episode 1 – 5

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Episode 5



Update: English subtitles for episode 5.

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115 thoughts on “Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Episode 1 – 5

    1. Ok whats the point of them wearings fake ass suits of armor and their knights if they only get raped, cant they fight?

    2. This IS the only ending, this isn’t a vanilla story. You don’t go to a Asanagi (Fatalpulse) doujinshi hoping to see typical vanilla harem either.

      This types of story is half power trip, half exploration of how easy it is for a person to become corrupted, by falling to pleasure.

      1. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere! Kuroinu, although a little extreme, is a pretty awesome place to start haha.

          1. But how about Bible Black?
            Though not my first, it’s the one that really got me hard into hentai (the VN)

    1. Probably not. This is clearly a medieval society, where the majority focus of the economy was based on farming. The constant screwing will result in a lot of births and a population swell, which in that time just meant more workers to tend the fields. Having a larger population also means they’ll have a larger pool to draw upon for a fighting force. That means any neighbors they have would be easier to loot or simply overwhelm.

          1. Society couldn’t function with half its people out of work. Women of the lower classes have always had do hard labor even while pregnant or tending kids. And most women of the upper classes worked at either managing the household or artisanship.

      1. well if thats what will happen then sooner or later volt will die and a new person will take the postion, and who knows how the mercenary group will pick it, also even if they have op beasts the world is much more vast than that country and who knows what kinds of beings live. All it takes is one determined girl to unleash hell because they cant really think all girls will just fall into lust, some girls can have a very strong willed mind. Also it just takes a girl who is having sex with the leader to kill him tbh he lets down his guard so just kill him while he is fucking a girl XD a sult who is cazry can do that.

      2. That is true. Back then, (which would be around the feudal era) the more births, the more people, the more soldiers, and the easier it was to keep the people safe from outside threats. Men were even encouraged to sleep around and fuck all the women they could for that reason alone.

    2. Yes, this absolutely would ruin the economy, youd get a large amount of people and no resouces. As mentioned before, this is presumably a medieval economy that is based on farms. Many farms were looked after by entire families, including the wives and children. Usually starting as young as you can (we’ll say 7).

      Taking away half the workers on a farm would lead to a massive decrease in crop yields, then of course you have the women who are becoming pregnant and giving birth in a cycle (presuming she does not die, and has no miscarriages). So you suddenly have a HUGE increase in population, with women preoccupied and children too young to work for 7 yrs. Crops would not be not yeilding nearly as much as they should, not to mention the life of a serf was hard, and families barley had enough to eat themselves after giving most of their crops to their lord.

      As for a “larger pool of fighting”, this is also not true. Knights and armies had to purchase their own armor, so it was usually the youngest sons of nobles who had lots of money & nothing to inherit that became knights and warriors.

      So basically, if this actually were to happen, you’d have a huge amount of dirty, starving peasents, which usually results in plague outbreaks 😉

      Thanks for reading, random porn watcher. I’m very passionate about history and am currently getting my degree in it.

      1. Lmfao. Every site, no matter the type whether it’s comedy or porn, has that group of scientist or history major who answer questions but actually get hem right lmfao

    1. Yeah okay, like voting for the person who lets a child molester get away is definitely the better option. I hate both but Hillary is worse than trump.

  1. Fuck that guy,I’m callin’ Saitama to settle this problem prevent them from all making those women are sex slaves.

    Perhaps Dante,will do good too..

  2. I think the message is clear. Women can’t rule shit. Overload their true wants and desires and they’ll never overcome their core nature. To a woman all that matters is her gratification and satisfaction. Given a choice, they’ll choose themselves every time. As long as you can window dress that choice to make them think it’s not them giving into their baser desires but some bullshit “greater-good” meaning that doesn’t hold them accountable for their actions.

    1. I think the message is clear. Women can’t rule shit. Overload their true wants and desires and they’ll never overcome their core nature. To a woman all that matters is her gratification and satisfaction. Given a choice, they’ll choose themselves every time. As long as you can window dress that choice to make them think it’s not them giving into their baser desires but some bullshit “greater-good” meaning that doesn’t hold them accountable for their actions.

  3. Not o be that guy, but shouldn’t this also be in the Mind Break section? As all of the females fell into pleasure and lust.

  4. hmm, this is actually the first time I’ve seen a volley of comments more meaningful and philosophical than the crap I see in other video sites, considering this is hentai.

  5. for those posting at 4:20 am, may i ask why you are still up?, I mean if you can stay up that late it must be weekend or you don’t have to go to work the next day so why not go to bed and fap in the morning? I know i look just as bad her 1:30am but I wouldn’t stay up until the wee hours of the morning. Just a thought

  6. I don’t buy it.

    The plot doesn’t work for the same reasons that Dropout doesn’t.

    1. Economy would fucking /tank/. The massive population boom would lead to mass starvation, because surprise, babies can’t plow fields.

    2. How. Many. Daughters. The fucker would be lynched in the streets! There’d be mass rebellion, just about every female and most of the men would /hate/ him. Anyone with a mother, daughter, sister, wife, or female friend in general would resist. How many people do you think that is?

    3. Who the actual hell is funding these idiots? They have a limited recruitment pool, shitty healthcare(because medieval era), the farmers are /fighting/ them, and last but not least the are fighting a /war/. Taking the castle in the first episode should be next to impossible, and even if they won it would be at the cost of most of their manpower. On top of that they /just/ got done fighting against a different empire(in a move that should have killed him but didn’t because reasons, seriously, why didn’t her lightning fry /everyone/ in the room again?).

    The plot just makes no /sense/.

    1. Jesus Christ, Nigga, it’s a hentai it doesn’t NEED to make sense. It exist solely for the creators’ money and the viewers’ pleasure.

    2. I agree. I believe that we need to start an economic and political movement in order to stop this at once. Not only is it cruel and unusual but it is also taking money out of the government and causing many homeless women onto the streets, leading to our rape and crime statistic to rise dramatically. This is not fine by any standards as any of our neighboring kingdoms try to siege us we will lose the war due to lack of funding. Perhaps instead of an oligarchy society we should work more on building a proper monarchy where the king actually tries to better the government. We would need to really enforce anti rape laws and make torture illegal by citizens and government officials in order to better our country.

    3. While it’s true that some things might not work out you have to remember that they also have monsters to add on to there man powers monsters that can probably make up for all the women and then some

  7. If I were in that era, I’d definitely assassinate Volt and rescue all the girls. I mean, these men are so violating. They are worse than beasts.

    I feel bad for these poor women having their body, mind and soul broken in just a single stroke.

  8. this shit has such good art and the voice actors are good too but this story wtf and wtf is that ntr/incest combo fuck that shit

  9. Eh, this is okay.
    I mean, don’t get me wrong this could’ve been a hell of a lot worse buuuuut, that doesn’t save it from being predictable and boring.
    As another person stated, the beginning of this almost immediately breaks the suspension of disbelief. There’s no way in hell Vault could’ve taken over the castle without killing most of his forces or dying himself.
    On a different, though, this could’ve gone an interesting route if they’d played this asshole as more of a villain instead of a boring power-trip fantasy. I mean, I suppose that’s what I hated the most. This asshole just effortlessly fucks his way through all these bitches, which, given his resources at the beginning of this, should be damn near impossible, and then just sits around all day with every other girl riding his dick? Yawn. Yeah, it’s porn and I’m not expecting some Shakespearean level of dramatic twists and turns; but something a tad less monotonous would’ve been killer.
    And the ending is just absolute dick, but I’m gonna leave before I ramble too much.
    Overall: 6/10, a good thing to tickle your pickle to, but when looked at from anything other than a purely libido driven angle falls flat on its inflated ass.

    1. 1. Thanks for the acknowledgment.
      2. I’d rate it lower myself, but that’s mostly because a large portion of how I get off /is/ the story and the setup. But you know what they say about opinions and assholes, everyone’s got one(lookin at you larry*!)

      *apologies to anyone actually named larry.

    2. Hentai adaptions of eroge often cut out all the hard work the player had to go through, another example is Demonion (which also had an adaptation). There was a drawn out process to destroying the countries and training (mindbreak) of the heroines.

  10. Never seen a comment section so full of proper discussion, communication and decent writing. What makes this even funnier, is the fact people are discussing the plot of a hentai. Although you could argue indeed that the plot makes no sense, it realistically doesn’t have to. Mainly considering this is meant to stimulate erotic feelings rather than someone’s intellectual senses.

  11. This is a spin on netorare, your protective insticts kick in when kawaii girls are in danger and yet you can’t do anything. It makes you mad but you keep coming back because your curious and fapping away. eventually you are dulled to it and are aroused by it. After looking into other content of the same genre you develope a fetish. Thats how it usually works. You become a guy who enjoys fapping to rape and tragedy porn.

  12. most of you guys are just trying to tackle it logically on what could have been or what the series did wrong to shake away that melancholy feeling after watching a really depressing or goes against your ideals of justice. These types of talks are garanteed to be found on forum boards discussing final episodes of tragedy animes with no happy ending and giant plot twists in anime/tv shows. Trying to turn to cold unbias logic to ignore the frustration.

  13. Basically people who say that the plot line makes no sense and make up reasons why are thinking that because the plot makes no sense, you shouldn’t take the series seriously, and because you don’t take it seriously you shouldn’t need to feel pity or sadness or netorare’d but thats just a delusion. Don’t worry its programmed into us to care and it takes some conditioning to become detached. Next time you see that one guy who tries to be a edgy special snowflake to talk about how the plot makes no sense in hentai, just know hes really depressed inside and trying to clear his conscious with denial.

  14. I really didn’t enjoy this hentai. I feel like I wasted a good nut. After that happened I realized it was rpe cause I didn’t care for the captions. Then I felt worse and just hated everything about this. I’m not gonna lie but some of the girls looked hot. Although, here’s what I thought wrong.

  15. I don’t really know why people are so intrigued/aroused by something like this! If it was normal sex, I’d understand. But this is rape, followed by mental breakdowns and Stockholm syndromes. This is fucking disgusting, amoral and downright provocative! Whoever agrees with me, thank you and God bless you. Who doesn’t, fuck you.

    1. Brah, the rape was super hot though, I loved every second of every scene. Besides you can’t be Amoral when you’re dealing with a person that isn’t real.

    2. It’s a damned hentai, which is a fiction story that’s animated. Don’t be talking morals when American culture has similar shit, i.e. Horror films and Dramas, most of which I recall don’t have happy endings. Everyone watches some weird shit, but that doesn’t give any the right to criticize that. People will like rape, but the people watching hentai like this don’t, thye just like the animation and the fetish developed by said animation. Last I checked, literal rape porn isn’t even legal anywhere, and no one wants to watch real rape porn. Don’t be a fucking downer, when there are people 1000x times worse in the real world, trafficking sex slates across borders, stashes of child porn, and literal fucking rapist across the globe. The shit you see here is miniscule to what’s going on. Get your head out of the gutter are go white knight some other websites about the legit shit, but this is neither legit, nor deserving of this hate, so respectfully, fuck off.

  16. this is the best hentai ever lol all these little bitch in the comment its an animation its not real life like common if your heart is too fragile then don’t watch it simple as that i don’t get it …. you’ll purposely watch something that makes you uncomfortable …. OH I SEE YOU’RE A MASOCHIST i thought i was pretty wild in my fetishes but i see you’re a fucking masochist ! and HUGE PERVERT !

  17. Ahhh~ comon guys, fuck me hard. Rip my clothes off in public and make me embarassed. I wan to be fuck badly

  18. I actually couldn’t finish watching this. I saw the beginning of the first episode and was like “I can’t. Let’s see if the ending is at least happy.” I watch the end of the last episode and I’m like “Fuck…” I actually had to extend the series in my head and create a happy ending just to make myself feel better. Although, I did like everything else other than the rape and permanent mind break. If this really is his first work, then he did a fucking great gob with character design and pretty damn good with the animation, even if the points nearing the end of the orgasms were just sped up loops of the same motion.

  19. I actually couldn’t finish watching the series. I watched the beginning of the first episode before having enough. I then jumped to the end of the last episode before spending the next couple days writing a continuation with a happy ending. Although, that was just to make myself feel better for getting off on a rape hentai. I DID get off on this, and have viewed clips of the series elsewhere, but I feel like I need to bleach my brain for it. Although, the character designs trump everything else about this series.

  20. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere! Kuroinu, although a little extreme, is a pretty awesome place to start haha.

  21. This comment section is just as bad as English dub Hentai. Stop looking for logical plots in Hentai they aren’t made for that specific purpose. You want a good plot/ending? then go look at a normal Anime’s and Mangas lol

  22. Damn fuck that Volt guy… Weren’t some of those girls supposed to be warriors or elfs with some magical powers??

    Though even if the plot it’s utter trash, I have to admit that graphics are really good

  23. Hey you guys, does anyone of you know where I can find the violin tune which was play in the background at the beginning of e1 and e2? if you do help me in finding it. I’ll appreciate.

  24. The pervy guys and their faces ruin the hentai I hate them lol, the girls are super sexy and deserve to be recasted in a better hentai lol My two cents

    1. Because this isn’t that sort of story? You don’t go to a Asanagi (Fatalpulse) doujinshi hoping for vanilla, but to see the weakness of humans. Some humans train themselves to tolerate hardship, but fall when it comes to pleasure.

  25. The first episode was great. (Wished it would exist uncensored.)
    But then it got bad… The actual sex scenes are so damn short or with tons of dialog… and wtf is episode 5?

    Too bad, it started really promising.

  26. Wait isn’t episode 2 and 5 out of order or destroy the story? Because episode 2 Alicia was betrayed and now episode 5 she looked like she never meet Beardsley. Also the Kingdom wasn’t destroyed until episode 4. Episode 5 destroyed the entire storyline.

  27. This is soooo bad lmaoooo, it’s obvious that by the end of this all men in this are either going to be murdered by dissidents, or die riddled on stds like the little bitches they truly are. I actually expected the girls to massacre the mercenaries in revenge for taking their virginity, and then have a wild, bloody orgy over the dead bodies, using the men’s intestines as dildoes, or even their cut off dead penises, permanently hard from rigor mortis.

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