10 thoughts on “Kedamono-tachi no Sumu Ie de Episode 1 – 2

    1. The only reason I watch these types are for the girls faces and thinking about killing the fuckboys, so I get ya

  1. Yeah, I think the ending of this would have been better if the boy just Fuking kill his family and take her away from all that shit.

    1. Your all correct. He should kill them all. But first take a shower and smack himself for ever loving some coward that didn’t even fight it. Thats so patheticly weak to do such things willingly. Once a victim always a victim! You have to always fight even if your losing. You can ether accept what happend to you and fight or roll over for more. THEY DID IT AND SHE ALLOWED IT. Don’t be a coward speek up and tell someone.

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