Euphoria Episode 1 - 6

Euphoria Episode 1 – 6

Episode 1



Episode 2



Episode 3


Episode 4



Episode 5



Episode 6


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13 thoughts on “Euphoria Episode 1 – 6

  1. I am so confused. I mean, Nice fetish porn for people who are into this stuff. But…why does it have such a weird strung along, ‘Story’.

  2. Its not to bad if you make it to the end. The story is all over the place and tons of plot holes. Like his past flash backs of what he had done.

  3. Like wtf was that all about like I am so confused about wat just happened like in episode 2 where everyone mostly dies then there’s episode 3 where nemu mentiones that if u picked a different person then u could get a different ending so I thought that this Henti goes through each person to see if there have good ending and bad but then episode 5 comes on and then does a 180 on it by mentioning the memories like at the end of episode 2 and war was all that about nemu coming back to life wen she was clearly killed like omg someone just explain to me wat had happened but I was still good

  4. All of these videos are based on the different endings of Euphoria, the visual novel. They ignore a lot of details though, skip past key events and in some cases completely change parts of the story where it’s convenient so we get to see all the girls being either tortured or in control. If you want to figure out what the hell is actually going on, you’d have to get the visual novel and play through the endings there.

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